if you’re running away, can I come too?

Janie was having a bad day recently, one of those days when you feel you’ll laugh about it eventually, but not just yet. One of those days where a small child causes havoc, leaving the parent a mess. One of those days when it’s just too much.

Six years ago Girl2 had just turned 4. The health visitor had sent out an appointment for a check up and vaccinations. The appointment was during school time (my mistake- I should have rescheduled, but brain fog was reigning supreme). I had to go and get her early.

“Why, mummy?”

“So we can go and have a chat with the lady and maybe see the doctor and then go and have a treat…”

“What do we have to chat to her about?”

“I don’t like going to the doctor.”

“Can I not just stay in nursery with my friends?”

You cannot imagine the joy on her face when I arrived to collect her, or when she ran to the back of the class.

The sound of her screaming for her teacher, her childminder and Spurs Fan, entertained dozens as I carried her, struggling, from the building.

She showcased incredible strength as she wrapped tiny fingers around the fencing, requiring me to peel them off, one by one, several times. Her multitasking was good too- clinging to the fence, shouting for her teacher, and pushing me away, all at the one time.

After what felt like weeks, we made it to the car. By now both of us were crying with the horror. I had to set her down to open the car door. You’ll have guessed by now that she took off down the street at speed.

My mind has blanked out how we made it to the appointment without either of us killing the other. Girl2 continued crying and being miserable.

“Oh,” said the health visitor, “maybe she should see the doctor.”


She was growing a cold and they decided not to vaccinate her that day. We had to go back and do it all over again.

I brought reinforcements the next time.



You’re all rolling in the aisles and I’ve come out in a cold sweat.

It’s been six years now- I still can’t laugh about it. Maybe one day.


11 thoughts on “if you’re running away, can I come too?

  1. Such events are still to fresh for me to laugh at my own dramas or yours, but there is a vague part of my brain that realizes there is probably something quite funny if you are an outsider watching from the sidelines. The best part of sharing, in my opinion, is not so much the making people laugh, but the comfort of seeing we are not alone in our tribulations. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, it was all different when we went back! There was a plan- I couldn’t cope with that anguish a second time… It was after school, Spurs Fan and Girl1 were both there, and Girl2 had a special job to bring the doctor a christmas gift, just to get her through the door!

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