I feel fine

Tom is having a blog party today. A solstice/ end of the world/ a ‘sure, why not?’ event.

solstice party

Grab a glass of whatever, and make some time to catch up on all that blog reading you mean to do. However, if you really think the world is going to end, get off the internet and spend your last hours with the people you love. What are you doing here?

A good party needs music. After listening to Tracey Thorn’s album on an almost continuous loop for two weeks, I’ve expanded my range a little, but it’s still generally seasonal.

I’m not normally listening to apocalyptic sounds, but maybe today is the day?


No, perhaps I need to celebrate the solstice, the imminent return of the sun.


Does this party really need christmas music?


I hope somebody brings mince pies.


I’ve tried, I really have, but it seems I am too predictable to resist.

9 thoughts on “I feel fine

  1. Thanks for the wonderful music for the day. Ah yes, I remember when Eve of Destruction was a hit!

    Glad you appreciated my Mark Twain quote. With that in mind, I invite you to my holiday party, which will be in progress when you awake on 24 Dec. Feel free to bring your friends … FYI: I actually met today’s party host at a party. 🙂

  2. Great post, excellent links. I remember singing along to Barry McGuire and romantically thinking we were all doomed. Good to hear the Jethro Tull song as well. If you like zombies, you should watch Braindead, by Peter Jackson, which I’ve posted on my blog. It’s a hoot. For the apocalypse, I feel ridiculously cheerful today.

  3. Was something supposed to happen today? I was far too busy cooking up a storm for my freezer. So for the next week I can sit with my feet up and eat….. wait now… I suppose I need to move my chair nearer to said freezer, or move the freezer to beside the bed!

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