the light

I was on the hunt for extra glasses. There was no need to go shopping- Herself’s house is laden with such things, so I poked about a high cupboard. In a corner was a teeny chap, with black eyes. I didn’t call the exterminator, I brought him home. I washed him and set him on the kitchen window sill, right beside the used tea bags. He may not have been made for such mundane spots, but he was created to catch the light. He makes me smile every day.


Solstice, advent candles, tree lights, shiny baubles. So much of our celebration at this time of year in the northern hemisphere is about the return of the light (or the Light).



Last week I forgot to bring a bag when I went shopping, so bought one of the cloth bags there. It’s a good shape and size, and will get plenty of use. Two days later, Spurs Fan noticed that it has an on/ off switch. It’s a shopping bag. Why on earth does it have a switch? Ah. Of course.


What would christmas be without a flashing bag?


13 thoughts on “the light

  1. I love the sparkly face on the windowsill, the tree and all the festive decorations look very tasteful. How is Jake coping with so many interesting things at sniffing level?

  2. Through some terrible blow of fate, I sent Steve to M&S for me this year and see now that I made a huge mistake, as he isn’t genetically programmed as I am to buy light-up shopping bags. I am profoundly envious.

    Happy Christmas, Speccy! It’s been a delight to get the bulletins of intrepid humanity from here in Speccyville, and I’m looking forward to many more.

    1. Mise, the bags are disguised- he may come home with one thinking it a mere bag, as I did. It was only an eagle eye and sharp mind (obviously not me) who discovered the magic and sparkle…
      Have a wonderful holiday time in recluseville. I will continue to ponder ways of drawing you out 🙂

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