laughing all the way

Oh, there has been such excitement! The Girl Who Knows the story of Santa has fully embraced ‘pretending’ and is the first to talk about him, check his current location, and wonder how Jake won’t combust when the reindeer arrive. The Girl Who Wants to Believe has had some searching questions, but the weight of evidence, and her sister’s enthusiasm, mean that she’s content for another while.

Nana and Grandad are here, ratcheting up the excitement. Girl1 baked bread and scones for their arrival. Girl2 was proud to be the kitchen maid and do the washing up. A coordinated effort. I stayed well out of the way.

The bundle of parcels under the tree has expanded. For the first time, the Girls got to help me wrap presents for Spurs Fan, and him wrap presents for me- not only do they feel all grown up, but they get to share wee surprises.

Girl1 got to visit the Christmas market in town with friends, and without me tagging along. Girl2 was on local tv– she and her friends laughed the whole way through the watching of it, many, many times.

This afternoon there are veg to be chopped and peeled and sorted. The house will be filled the wonderful smell of ham and cloves. Girls will help Nana make stuffings.

Sharing activites and love. What it’s all about.

Merry Christmas bloggy buddies. Thank you for sharing your stories, for becoming my friends. My family no longer boggle when I refer to my friend Debra in Los Angeles looking set to have a colder Christmas than us, or Hudson’s dog Elvira, or Emma’s caravan. They didn’t blink when I enveloped Tinman in a bear hug and then spent the evening with him. They’ve spent time with Grannymar. They know about the losses some of you have experienced, the great places you’ve visited, and how you have inspired me. They know about your academic successes in subjects that I couldn’t begin to understand, your cushions, your families and how you make me laugh. Blogging has become more important to me than I could ever have imagined, because of you all. You sneaked in and became part of the bigger ‘us’.

That’s good, because then I don’t have to get too anxious when you call round- you know where everything is, just come in and make yourself comfy. Would you like a mince pie?


20 thoughts on “laughing all the way

  1. I’d love a mince pie, thanks. We’re both dying to open our presents but it Just Wouldn’t Be Done to open them before Christmas Day. Such naughtiness could unleash the Apocalypse and then where would we all be?

    1. The problem is that my mince pies are only virtual to you… I will be back weightwatching with renewed vigour due to added size in the new year. That’s ages away yet 😉

  2. You found my weakness… Yes please, I would love a mince pie. I know what you mean about ‘bloggy buddies’, we get to know each other from the inside without the distraction of the outer wrapping.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and give a warm hug to Torchman, G1 & G2 and don’t forget to save a couple for Nana and Grandad. I look forward to catching up in 2013!

      1. Yes, I had a quite and internet free day. My crochet jacket grew a few inches nearer completion too. 😀 I plan another hour on it today and maybe I’ll get the fronts finished.

  3. Sounds as if, the spirit of goodness has settled upon your home, the aromas of shweeeet comfort have invaded everyone. Your house is full of gold and am sure your laying claim the treasure……..Merry Christmas to you all.

    Even Elivra is excited, well as excited as she gets; why she even pretended to be a dog last night by playing fetch and to a bout of pull and tug with a toy -ah the wonders the season.

  4. Merry Christmas, Speccy! We’re gearing up for Christmas Round Two which may involve ice-skating and will hopefully involve (ahem) spirits. All the best of the season to you and your wonderful family. “The Girl Who Knows the Story of Santa” sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope mine is like that, when she’s done believing 🙂

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