a shaggy dog story

Once there was a dog.


He was getting on a bit, and the vagaries of life left him in an animal shelter. He was not amused.

A family found the dog, took him home and loved him with all their hearts. They learned his wee ways. He learned to trust them.

They developed new routines to accomodate each other. The family went for walks, and stopped watching swimming on tv.

There was something, however. Something that they never quite got round to doing. They talked about it, meant to organise it, but never did.

Eventually, it was too much. An appointment was made.


We’ve been to the groomer. Jake has shrunk considerably. We are most amused.


28 thoughts on “a shaggy dog story

  1. Very spruce! When I visited the vet surgery the other week they were grooming the tangles from the coat of a young Westie who had just been neutered. The owner had said he didn’t want her clipped. There were three people working on her and they had already been at it for twenty-five minutes!

  2. When I was young, we had a couple of Scotties but I don’t remember them ever being sheared. I only remember them being totally shaggy! Perhaps they were taken for “grooming” and wouldn’t cooperate!

    1. Maybe somebody just got the scissors out and trimmed off the worst bits? I expected Jake to bark his way through the whole thing, but he was grand. Disgruntled, but ok.

    1. We’ve had a lot colder weather than we have right now. Maybe I’ll have found him something acceptable to wear by the time it comes back. The groomer said his coat was so thick he’d not need a coat!

    1. It took him some hours to be my friend again afterwards… If I can find a coat that doesn’t have a parka style hood, or pink checks or pockets, he might get warm again 🙂

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