my future, as I see it today

When I grow up I want to be an old woman. True. Stylish and gentle, but with an edge. Wouldn’t that be great? People would think of me warmly “She’s a fine lump of a woman”. I’m not much of a baker/ knitter /crocheter, so hopefully I’ll have developed other skills that are oldladylike.

Until that happens, I’ll continue to spend the end of the year watching a long and varied music programme, Hootenanny. This year we saw Emeli, Paloma and Lianne– powerful singers, all- Bobby Womack and Adam Ant (not such a good idea).

There was the “Oh, I haven’t sung this in years” moment with the Dubliners.


There was a “Who is this child? Why am I liking his singing?” moment with Jake Bugg


And then there was an 80 year old woman, with an astonishing voice reminding us of why she was such a star, why she has sold so many records. I’m going to be Petula Clark when I grow up.


She’s eighty, people. I can but hope.


22 thoughts on “my future, as I see it today

  1. Petula looks fabulous! When hiking across the Grand Canyon, at one of my (frequent) rest stops, I came across a man who was celebrating his 84th birthday there along the trail. I decided that was a truly grand way of celebrating such a birthday – so now I want to hike the Grand Canyon at 80 and look as good as Petula Clark as I do it.

  2. The little old ladies I know tend not to be bakers or crocheters, really. They are very good at spoiling their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and excellent at loudly offering practical (and completely unsolicited) advice on matters sexual – such as how best to avoid a urinary tract infection, and *ahem* hard-earned lessons on ‘how to keep the flame alive’ in a lengthy marriage, closely followed by the cost/benefit assessment of keeping a man (or two) on the side, and so on…. I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle quite that much scandal in my golden years. I might have to learn how to knit 😉

    1. I’m moving to where you are. Sex in Ireland used to be forbidden if you might enjoy it, and compulsory if you might not, so the little old ladies of my acquaintance have never discussed such things with me. Two men on the side? Who knew?

      1. Hahahaha! It’s really cold in Canada most winters, especially in the northern prairies. Those little old ladies could write the book on ‘creative means for keeping warm’! =D

    1. I’m older than you, Kate, or you, Fiona, so I get to be Petula! We’ll pretend I’m not American for the moment. She took America by storm when I was 12 years old and I gobbled up everything she recorded. I played them on my phonograph singing my heart out until my mother made me stop! I still have some of her French recordings. I absolutely cannot believe she’s 80! I was planning on being Maggie Smith, but I think I need to throw my hat in the ring to be Petula. She’s gorgeous! 🙂

      1. Debra, you spoilsport! I was going to tell Kate that, despite the fact that she can actually sing, I was going to be Petula on a first past the post basis.
        I didn’t expect Being Pet to be quite so complicated…compromise… maybe if you are Maggie Smith and I’m Helen Mirren (she’s not 80, but we all know she’ll still be fab when she gets there), we could let Kate be Petula?

  3. I think by the time I’m an old lady, old ladies will have been abolished. We’ll all be expected to look about thirty years younger than our age, and keep up wif yoof.

    Blame Cher and Madonna. They started this notion of never aging….

    1. Neither Cher or Madonna look as good as Petula! If she’s had work done,and I don’t think so, it’s much more subtle.
      I don’t want to keep up wif yoof- I much prefer being middle aged and cuddly than young and not realising I was thin

  4. Ah “The Black Velvet Band” – my father always sings that when he’s in good humour and getting ready to go out. I always think of it as his song. Though I think he only knows he chorus!!!

    As for Petula. What can you say?! If I was Petula at age 80 I think I’d be happy!!

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