the IKEA conundrum

Oh, look at that!

I Love It.

So pretty.

So cheap.

Well, of course I’m going to buy it.

it's not useless


What am I going to do with it?


26 thoughts on “the IKEA conundrum

    1. During the holidays it was very busy holding chocolate coins. But now I’m back on “healthy eating” (stifles laughter) there are NO sweets lying about calling to me.

    1. It could be a dessert bowl, or an old fashioned dressing table cotton wool holder, or a key place or, or, or… It’s not big, and those are decorative bumps rather than drains. Ikea is usually dangerous, I find, but fun

    1. I did actually try this, I was so entertained 🙂 However, no. It’s too teeny to cover my huge head. It may fit a baby. I must remember to find one!

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