in search of unicorns

I don’t want to keep ranting at you about the government, but really, they make it very difficult for me to do anything else.

It seems pretty clear to even the most vague amongst us (me) that the behaviour of banks caused a huge financial crisis. Subsequently, banks have been paid squillions to lend to small businesses and boost the economy keep on going, paying out to the shareholders and rewarding staff with hefty bonuses. If we were fit and well and wealthy, wouldn’t life be grand?

Most of us aren’t wealthy. Some of us aren’t as fit and well as we’d like. Some of us are seriously unwell, and face enormous challenges just getting through.

I want to be part of a society that values all its members. I want to know that our society looks after the poor, the sick, the elderly, the vulnerable- not simply because that’s a good thing to do, but because- selfishly- you and I may need that help. We can’t tell the future. Wishing won’t make it so.

Unless, of course, we happen to work for ATOS, the private company that carries out assessments for social security welfare benefits claims. Those guys will have super special skills come 28th January. They’ll be able to imagine people better. “Sure, of course you could work; why don’t you just run out and get an appropriate prosthetic- there must be one somewhere- and I’ll put you down as fit for work now then.”

As usual, Sue at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger says it much better. Sue is one of the very ill people. Her clear mind and writing abilities have made her a tireless advocate for people with a disability, even from her hospital bed. You should read what she says because she gives actual realistic case studies and doesn’t mention unicorns.


If you are a British citizen, or live in the UK, please take a few minutes to sign this petition, write to your MP, tweet using #esaSOS, or generally raise awareness of this issue. Someday, you may need the support of social security and find that it has vanished when you weren’t looking.

I want to live in a society that values all its members. I don’t want to live in a society that continually looks after the rich and blames the poor and vulnerable for all that is wrong. I don’t even want to live somewhere that has riots about a flag.

I’m going off to find an enchanted glade, bluebells in a forest, smiley people and other myths.


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12 thoughts on “in search of unicorns

  1. I’ve signed the petition. How right you are that we “live in a society that continually looks after the rich and blames the poor and vulnerable for all that is wrong.”

  2. I despair. Somewhere I read how much ATOS is supposed to save in benefits, compared to how much is lost in tax avoidance.
    And it’s peanuts.
    It’s cheap populism.

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