writing space

Some of you are writers, researchers, poets, novellists. I’m none of those things. I’m a reader and a chatter. I burble along, sharing thoughts, rants and tales of my life. Exciting stuff, I’m sure. I’m amazed that so many of you that I’m not related to spend time here.

I may scribble down thoughts on, gasp, paper, or awkwardly type into a phone, but this is my space. A big table, spread with all the bits the household is working on. A rocking chair. An flat pack set of drawers filled with volunteering bits and bobs. Coffee.

My world.




Written in response to Nancy’s January challlenge.


17 thoughts on “writing space

  1. Speccy’s writing place unplugged and naked to the world to see. Your braver than I. I didn’t play along, recluse like myself find it haaaaaard to reveal themselves. Am like you, not a writer, not a poet, not much of anything really – just country mice frolicking in the long grass.

  2. There was a piece in yesterday’s Guardian defending creative writing classes. The phrase that struck me most was one woman saying that he class she went to gave her permission to call herself a writer, and to start thinking of herself as one. You write, therefore you are a writer.

  3. I like your writing space! I love laptops because a writing space can be anywhere. And I’m with Nancy – the cup of coffee and keyboard invites writing (I’d swap out the coffee for tea, but same thing, really :))

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