planning. not doing.

We all have lists of some sort. Mr Obama may well have a list that includes key items such as ‘deal with NRA’, ‘find Hillary’s replacement’, ‘remember to let the guys out of Guantanemo’.

My lists are more mundane. Shopping lists are essential, but there are also lists of instructions- go to pharmacy, make soup, clean the bathroom. My brain is generally so fuddled that even being on a list won’t guarantee that the task will be completed, but at least I’ll know what I was planning on doing.


I made lists this morning. Lists full of ‘talk to’, ‘write’ and ‘decide’. Hmmm. It seems that writing the lists is not enough. I’m going to actually have to do something.

It’s a pity my mind just works in short, unpredictable, bursts. The lists could be irrelevant by Monday.

Why do think it is that nobody wants to employ me?


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18 thoughts on “planning. not doing.

    1. On the plus side, the dog got a longer than expected walk, in the afternoon I finished reading my novel and I did write something I hadn’t planned to do 🙂 I shouldn’t really complain!

      1. I think you should complain–when I was having a bad time recently, a blogger who’d survived cancer told me to stop being so strong and just cry and rant and whine (for a while). Good advice!

        There are positives, I know, but the negatives carry a heavy weight that is hard to dispel with a shoulder shrug….

      2. oh and while ranting, surround oneself with people who make me laugh. that was key and I almost forgot. (thank you brain for showing up to the party once again!)

  1. Um Mr. President we can check that one off the list , but before we move on, the Mrs. President phoned to remind you “not to forget the toilet tissue and the Enquirer”.

    I make lists when it involves doing something for someone else, for ‘me’ neveeeeeeer neveeeeeeer. Always, a voice telling me ‘where to go’ and ‘how to do it’. I swear, I have a inner women.

    Ever consider deployment -you seem more like a employer than an employee.

  2. I think you’re wonderful. I avoid lists because mine tend to stagnate, because I am an arch procrastinator. Good luck with yours. It does feel better to get it out onto the page…

    1. I always think they’re vital when I write them down 🙂
      Sometimes it’s quite specific tasks, sometimes reminders to think about/ read/ mention to somebody else

  3. I had a big list when Elly & George arrived on Friday. Most of it was jobs for George. It is all his own fault… he is very strong and can reach the sky while his two feet are still firmly on the ground. So he changed a light bulb, washed the light bowls at the front and back doors, sorted a problem with a curtain track and cleaned the filter on the washing machine.
    My Elly knows how to pick a good’un!

  4. Do you have things that sit on those lists for months and months, and eventually you just think ‘ah sod it,’ and you don’t bother carrying them over to the new list when you re-write it? Maybe that’s just me. It’s always good to realise that maybe something wasn’t so important after all.

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