There were blue skies and a rainbow. (Also, horizontal rain and a wind that would skin you, but we’re focussing on the positives here.)

I spent a short while in the local museum looking at astonishing art and the very beautiful insect wall. Not simply large creepy crawlies, but bright things and the blue butterflies.


I had lunch with Dawnriser. How wonderful to be able to say when asked “How are you?”, “Just alright.” We didn’t dwell on the muddled food order, we had sorting the world to do.

Girl2 and I grappled with synonyms, and I admired what a problem solver she is becoming.

Girl1 is beginning to realise that she has a better grasp of big school sums than she’d thought. Her biggest challenge in the new school has been that she’s not the class maths whizz she was in primary school. If she can regain sum confidence, she may even enjoy it again.

Spurs Fan enjoyed one of the football matches, while I enjoyed my novel and a glass of wine beside the fire.

After bedtime Jake did long, low, rumbly growling, prompting us to wonder of each other “Is that your tummy?”, and then dissolve, laughing.

Little steps, for us all.


9 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. The sight of a butterfly is always breathtaking. The delicacy and fragility in their appearance and the way they flutter around. And of course the astonishing colours and markings.

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