The Oh-So-Long Symptom List

In case you wondered about the range of ME symptoms…

I Spy with My Idiosyncratic Eye

Neurological Signs and Symptoms:

  • Inconsistent central nervous system function
  • Vertigo and disequilibrium, for example a sensation that your surroundings (or you) are spinning wildly and vertigo may also be expressed in a milder form as an inability to watch TV or to read (or knit!)
  • Temperature dysregulation
  • Poor tolerance for hot or cold environments
  • Hyperacusis (sensitivity to noise)
  • Photophobia (pain/relapse on exposure to light)
  • Pain and pressure at the back of the head (where the head meets the neck) and behind the eyes
  • Visual disturbances such as blurred vision, blacked-out vision and wavy visual field
  • Sensory storms‘ (while conscious)
  • Fragmented sleep
  • Difficulty initiating sleep
  • Lack of deep-stage sleep
  • Disrupted, chaotic or reversed circadian rhythms
  • Extreme intolerance to vibration or movement
  • Sudden loud noises can also cause a startle response (flushing and a rapid heartbeat)
  • Tinnitus
  • Simple partial seizures which do not involve loss of consciousness but produce altered…

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