You’re right; none of these dogs are Jake. These dogs are clean, warm and dry. They are brazen, and care not a jot for what the dogs on the street say.

Jake has a tomato sauce coloured beard, mud up to his oxters (is there a word for a dog’s armpits?), and refuses to be seen outside in a coat.

He not only has trust issues, and a fear of TV water, but also a strong sense of style.


18 thoughts on “coats

    1. Spurs Fan and I each tried taking him for a be-coated walk. Total disaster. He even caused a traffic jam, because he sat down in the middle of the road and refused to move. Yet, when I took the coat off him, he skipped along like a pup!!

    1. I have seen one of those on a blog before, and they look like they’d be very useful if you’d a dog that bounded into water. Jake, being close to the ground, just gathers mud.

  1. I was thinking at first that you had suddenly sourced an exciting new world of retail therapy, having exhausted the universe of home and human necessities. But clearly interest has been sparked, there is a gleam in your eye and you are already figuring ways to charm Jake towards showbiz glam/glitz!

  2. If I were a dog with even a grain of sensitivity, I would run a mile from any of those hideous coats. I would die of shame if I were wearing one. Jake is clearly a dog of great integrity.

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