pace yourself, woman dear

For those of us with limited energy, careful pacing is an important self management technique. Properly used it should help us cope with ebbs and flows in energy, by planning what we can reasonably be expected to do, and then resting. Building up, in teeny steps. Plateau. Build.

I’ve bought the books. I’ve read the leaflets. There are useful websites, and maybe even an app. I’ve spent time learning, with occupational therapists and at home.

Pacing is not about going flat out for a few days because something is ‘necessary’ or ‘interesting’, and then spending the rest of the week (if lucky) in bed.


Why can I not remember that?

Ah, well that’ll be the brain fog, forgetting that I need to pace.

On the other hand, that’ll be the curiosity, the mind sparking, the not wanting to miss a moment of what’s going on.

Me and ME- unpredicatable, unreliable and a joy to live with. Isn’t Spurs Fan a lucky chap?

image from pinterest


9 thoughts on “pace yourself, woman dear

  1. Pacing the floor is so much easier than pacing the mind or body. As the song says: Start at the very beginning and take it in step at a time. Deal with today’s step today and leave the next one until tomorrow.

  2. impossible! it’s always a moving target! especially if the judgement button is not functioning, which we don’t get to know because it’s effin’ not functioning! arrrrrgggggg!

    I do love the nap jpeg — maybe I’ll have a sense of humor about my own necessary pacing. My only conclusion is that pacing is less painful than the crashes, so there’s a choice. sigh….

  3. It reminds me of fine tuning, Fiona. Away with the great swings between inactivity and activity; pacing seems to be about finding the right degree of fine reverberation between the two.
    I am nowhere near being able to pace myself like that.

  4. I don’t think any of us are good at pacing ourselves. I have two paces – flat out and flat out, one at either end of that phrase.
    And yes, Spurs Fan is a lucky chap.

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