the unfatted calf

I’m of average height.

I’m a healthy weight.

Thanks to 18 months sort of following a weight watching plan, there is less of me than there used to be, but I’ll never be of a slender build.

I’m sort of sturdy; a fine lump.

I’m mostly pear shaped, with short, strong legs. I envy people with long legs even more than I envy people with cheekbones.

The world is full of people this shape, people who look longingly in shoe shop windows at knee length boots. And then move on.

Away from the boots. Away from the humiliation of not being able to get the boots past their ankles. Away from the bruises caused by squashed calves. Away from bulging knees.

People, I have news!

Exciting for me news! Confidence boosting news! News that makes all the weeks of ‘on a bit, off a bit, on a bit’ weight changes worthwhile.

I walked into a shoe shop. I tried on a pair of boots*. They zipped up. I could walk. My legs looked less dumpy and scruffy. That’s never happened before in my whole adult life.

Reader, I bought them.

shiny boots


*yes, I do mean wide fitting boots with elastic at the back; I’m taking what I can get here!


28 thoughts on “the unfatted calf

  1. I have not dared to try my knee boots since the fall before the fall. 😦 As for the jeans that went with them…. I might have to lie down to do up the zip! Double 😦 😦

  2. Boots look terrific; you shall have to help me with my wardrobe (and do I need help). Jake’s sticking his tongue out behind your back; probably thought with all the talk of his getting a coat he might get some trendy boots too.

  3. Yay, and lovely boots. 🙂
    I set off the alarms off at Aldergrove, no surprise there, I set alarms off in virtually every airport. I was patted down. The woman who patted me down paid attention to my middle. Oh no, I said, my flab has set off the alarm. Flab? You don’t have any, she said. You can search me again, I replied.
    We are our shapes. My hip bones used to lead me. Now it’s my tummy. One day I’ll get used to it.

  4. I love your boots! They’re very flattering and I hope comfortable. Warm, I’m certain! You look just great and the boots seem like a wonderful reward for all the work you’ve done to get in such good shape. 🙂

    1. IE, Girl2’s blurry photography hides the unwashed hair and the paleness, while the scarf is cunningly draped to cover a bleach stain from some ill thought out cleaning… real life!

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