the unexpected

Girl1’s bedroom looks like a shiny magazine exploded all over the walls. A few family pics and IKEA prints are surrounded by the many faces of One Direction. I did eventually figure out which one is which, but that lasts only until hairstyles change. At least when JLS were the big band, I only had to remember the cute one, Aston. In One Direction, they all are acceptable, but Niall is the favourite.

a wee treat for Girl1
a wee treat for Girl1

Most of the One Direction things wash over me. “Hmmm”, “That’s nice, pet”,Β  and other vaguenesses. This, however, made me laugh.

All the fun parts of Downton Abbey, avoiding the woeful story lines. I even found myself singing along (but don’t tell Girl1)


23 thoughts on “the unexpected

  1. Hahahaha! My daughter is also head-over-heels about One Direction. She heard a single of theirs at summer camp, and then, of course, when she actually SAW them when watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, her little head near exploded. Sadly, I don’t know who is who, yet. I’m sure she’ll teach me!

  2. Sadly I know more about shopping and clothing design than I do about bubblegum musical heart throbs and Downton Abbey. I am, so lame.

  3. I loved this! I’m a DA fan, so I’ll take it in any form. πŸ™‚ I don’t have any personal reason to have an interest in One Direction, but I can remember when I was the age of your girls, and then when my own daughter was the age…these things mattered! It’s a fun stage–most of the time!

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