a question of organising

I’ve been blogging for around 2 years now. I wasn’t sure I’d last a month.

Maybe it’s time to give the blog some structure? A filing system, rather than a muddle of 600-odd posts just sitting there, a toppling pile of incoherence.


After reading Elspeth’s post …and if the head is in the sand? I got to thinking a bit more about what I blog about. Is what I think I blog about, actually what comes across to the reader? To my great surprise, I realised that I don’t just have topics- I have themes too, and even methods! Who knew? Ah, you probably did…

My curiosity is really piqued now.

Tell me dear reader, when you think of this blog what springs to mind? When you see an email, a tweet, a Facebook update, or my avatar in your reader, what sort of things do you expect to see?

I’m really curious to see if that’s what I thought I was writing about.


24 thoughts on “a question of organising

  1. Dear Speccy, I think your blog is about a real life (you, your and others…bits). I look forward to it because whatever I find, it is truthful. Then, it is also enquiring, often funny, sometimes so sad I am crying with you. Good luck with organising. Serendipity, synchronicity, this morning the poetry person arrived in my head again, http://wp.me/p1Kqa4-5p. xxx Keep writing – organized or not.

      1. Hear well what everyone says and just keep writing so long as it doesn’t become a have-to, a real chore. Like Nick says it is about what strikes you as significant on a particular day. We would all miss something we look forward to if you didn’t write. So yesterday was organizing … today …

  2. A little bit of everything and that’s what I love about it- oh and always honest, always thoughtful, always authentic. Keep ‘er lit, Speccy!

  3. Yes, it’s just portions of your daily life, whatever strikes you as significant on a given day. No particular theme or viewpoint as it keeps changing. What does come across though is a sense of exuberance and making the most of every opportunity.

    1. Isn’t blogging a great opportunity? We can rant, rave and ramble away to our hearts’ content, and some people come back for more! A fascinating process

  4. Fiona, I think you write with honesty and passion about your family, your frustrations with having a rare disease, and your agony over losing your mother. And, your love of Jake. I love it when you give me glimpses of Northern Ireland, but that isn’t why I read. Through your words, I feel like I know you, and I’d miss seeing you if you ever stopped writing.

  5. I think you are one of the most refreshing writers out there. You share with a degree of spontaneity…whatever is happening in your life, you share. Not that I ever think a blogger tells us ALL that’s going on, but we get a pretty honest picture, I think. So you write about life. For me, you make the world a more intimate place. Don’t organize too much! You’re doing it just right now!

    1. thanks Debra- I have half thoughts about posts I’ve been planning on writing for months, but all the spontaneous stuff interrupts. Some day I’ll tell you about the Titanic exhibition and Warhol 🙂

  6. I read this on the train yesterday, but didn’t reply. I have been pondering what successful blogging means,for a while. I know WP sees it as the number of hits, likes and comments, but I think there are other ways of looking.
    I read your blog for news of how Jake and the family are getting along, for your comments and insights into illness and daily struggles, the caravan adventure, the detrmination to make difference you have, your memories of your mother, the extended family stories. I feel a connection. They are not the same as my stories, but somewhere along the line you are articulating some of my thoughts and feelings. And although sometimes what you write makes me sad, tearful, you also make me laugh!

  7. I tried to think of all the names I could give to Speccy’s filing cabinet compartments. They were growing and I was frightened that I might miss important ones. So I think Speccy should call her entire blogs ‘Me, mine and other bits’. It’s perfect – glad I thought of it. 🙂 A blog that makes little things interesting and significant; along with a determination to raise awareness of those wider issues that are important to Speccy. Family orientated; Jake orientated although of course Jake is the fifth member of Speccy’s immediate family. Speccy is an Indiana Jones of delving into ordinary life and coming up with little gems of insight on daily living. Much more important than any inanimate object Indie might discover. Then she is brave enough to share them. Of course Speccy is stylish but I see a little bit of Bridged Jones in there. However is there not a little bit of Bridged in all of us ladies. It does make life more fun and interesting so who cares? But there is more. Speccy is people orientated too – written by a blogger who cares about people beyond the realm of her own family and friends. A personal, honest, perceptive look on life. Witty, very funny and sometimes very sad – a true mix of what life is about. And absolutely never boring.

  8. I think your blog is about the things that are important to you and the freedom to talk about them in a way that conveys their importance to the rest of us. It’s brilliant. Even tho’ I know you, I know you differently here, and I like that …

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