What will the weekend bring?

Spurs Fan, Girl1 and Girl2 are away. They’re visiting Nana and Grandad and the hallowed ground. I am home alone.

The shopping is done- microwave meals for one, books and wine. The fire is set. I’m ready.

I will need to leave the bed and the house to be a responsible doggy owner; other than that, it’s all me.

It has been years and years since there was just me and a weekend.

Will I spring clean?


Explore weekend events in town?

Write many blog posts?

Do that blog organising?

Do huge admin sort out and shredding?

Right now, I have no idea at all.

I’m looking forward to finding out.



Sidey’s weekend theme is anticipation


22 thoughts on “anticipation

  1. Hope you find something really interesting and enjoyable to do.

    If you feel like a movie, the new Ken Loach film Spirit of 45 is on at the QFT.

    1. The oddest thing? The living room had no bits of dolls, hair bobbles or general mess. That lasted until about 2 seconds after they came home 😉

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