I blame Caravanman

The sun was out, the sky was blue. We came back from a day trip to the seaside to find a letter from Caravanman.

Forms, instructions, an invoice.

I don’t often get excited by bills, but this one had me looking forward. Soon, we’d be heading west regularly, stocking up the throws and cushions and sleeping bags and blankets. Cleaning away the winter uugh. Letting in the air and the sunshine.

Bored children and board games. Walks on beaches. Waking up in the wild. No wifi.

Soon, soon, it will be soon.


Fintra, Killybegs, June 2012


In the last few weeks we’ve had rain, more rain, cold and then more rain. More recently there’s been snow, ice & blizzards. The temperature hovers around freezing point. We have a snowman in the back garden. The top of a hill in the middle of nowhere will have added wind chill.

Nobody in their right mind is planning on caravanning any time soon.

We will visit over the Easter weekend.

We need to pay Caravanman.


10 thoughts on “I blame Caravanman

  1. we could be in the middle of summer by weekend, never mind the weatherman’s forecast,
    have faith. We did yesterday and that went well.

  2. I have a similar situation with das Boot. I planned to spend Easter afloat, but the temperatures seemed determined to stay low, and icy pontoons are not my favourite thing, nor are walks on a flat landscpe with no hills to protect me from Siberian winds. So although I have my new river licence, I have a feeling Easter will be in London.

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