you made me do it


Yes, I’m blaming you lot. You were very encouraging when I mentioned that I was taking the first steps of thinking of myself as a writer (after blogging for 2 years; I’m not the sharpest tool in the box).

Yesterday I saw a few posts referring to the Health Activist Writers Month ChallengeYvonne and Marie are always worth a read and, as ever, they got me thinking.

When I’m not sleeping, doing family things or blogging, I might just be a health activist. I spend hours every week with carers and people living with rare disease. I try to work with the health services, academics and charities to improve quality of life for families. I lobby and lecture. I ramble, rant and write.

I have no medical or scientific training. I never expected to end up here. Just by getting on with the vagaries of life, I ended up learning about rare diseases, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and depression. I have time and an urge to communicate. I want to make a difference.


I’ve signed up to #HAWMC. I may or may not write 30 health related posts in April. By the end of the month you may all have deserted me. You could all be shouting at your screens “Stop woman!! Tell us about cushions, make up and Jake”.

This could well be one of those things I get wildly enthusiastic about for 3 minutes and then stop caring- but I’ll explain that away as a symptom of the depression, so it’ll still count. (I can do creative, sometimes.)

Bear with me Bloggy Buddies as I explore, investigate and try new things.

Of course, I may just sleep a lot.


15 thoughts on “you made me do it

  1. come on girl, you have it in you. I’ll be the first to read you when you are published. Your book i mean, blogging is natural to you.

  2. How lucky is the world that you are a writer, Speccy. Lots of people can string together cogent, readable sentences and rants. But it is the select, you among them, whose words bypass our skins and swirl around in our innards.

    Enjoy letting your inner writer out for a romp. I will enjoy with you…

    1. Yvonne, I think I’ll need to take to carrying the prompts round with me, waiting for inspiration to strike 🙂
      I’m looking forward learning a little about a lot of conditions, how health activism works etc

    1. Thanks Tom, now I’ve seen the full list of prompts I’m not sure I’ll stick with it, but I suppose the point of a challenge is to, um, challenge….

  3. Fiona, this comment may be totally meaningless, but I will post it anyway.

    One of my Rotary friends is a doctor and has opened a practice that uses lasers to treat a variety of ailments. Chronic fatigue syndrome (as your condition is known in America, but I’m sure you know that) is one of them. I am attaching a link for you to read about it.

    I don’t know if it is available in Northern Ireland, as I think it is a pretty new technology. But, you have a free place to stay just a few miles away if you ever want to try it.

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