Dear ME

Enough now, go away. Seven years is long enough. I’m fed up with you defining my life: if I can think, whether I can get out of bed, what painkillers I need.

I resist you, ignore you, push myself and crash. I refuse to let you define who I am. Spurs Fan keeps the house and family in running order while I lie about, recovering from being myself. My children think that all mothers need an afternoon nap.

Yeah, ok, perhaps asking you to go away is a bit much. I’m so much fun to be with. But , listen, one favour…

Charles and Ray Eames chair

Could you make me less annoying to sit beside? Most people don’t know how difficult just sitting can be. I am a nightmare to sit beside. I fidget, shuffle, stretch and shift about. I don’t sit still; unless I am cosy on the sofa, propped up with cushions and a footstool, I can’t.

For the sake of my family, friends and random folk I end up sitting near, please can I just sit still?

Forever yours (it seems)…

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15 thoughts on “Dear ME

  1. Never quite sure whether to comment on someone’s circular conversations, so don’t read much into this other than they’re just questions to understand, so I will keep in general terms -forgive me if am misunderstanding you completely. Is this reality or just thoughts. Thoughts are just that -thoughts. If one see’s thoughts as reality, how does one heal oneself? I can see the difficulty one would have in distinguishing between ‘thoughts’ and perceptions.

    1. Good points, Hudson. My reality is that I live with a health condition called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and I’m fed up with it! Thoughts and reality- a whole area for philospohical debate 🙂

  2. Just sitting or listening and don’t forget talking… it can take so much effort and energy. For all of that, you cope tremendously well. Hang in there, it will get better.

  3. Having been sitting beside you for hours, can’t say I noticed, but then I’m a fidget myself. You have ME, so let others suffer too. – don’t mean to be callous, but experience in the past proves folk make assumptions anyway, so let them know it hurts sometimes .

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