meetings, busyness and challenge

Bursts of activity.





Pre meetings.


volunteering PCC event



Being creative, grown up, calm and persuasive (still working on this one).

Recuperating with cake.

Hard sums.

Making sense of potential funder speak.

Tech crises (hint: leave the soggy item of hardware in a tub of rice for an extra day after you think it’s totally irrepairable; otherwise, you may replace it, only to find the blimmin thing working again. Who needs that expense?)

Celebrating good news.

Revising spanish vocabulary.

Filling up a diary.

Day time snoozing.

Returning ill advised shoe purchase.

Hours in the phone shop.




I’ll get back to you when I’ve figured out what I’m on about…


5 thoughts on “meetings, busyness and challenge

    1. Boring shoes. Too flat. Too brown. Too loafer-ish. Yes, they were boring flat brown loafers. You’d have never let me buy them in the first place. You’d have been right.

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