just looking at the pictures

I wasn’t coping. It happens. My brain gets overwhelmed. Words, sentences, paragraphs- they all baffle me. I need to step away and not think.

I need glossy images, easy television, more beaches.


This weekend, I lost hours. I slept late, and then some more. When I eventually staggered into the world, I couldn’t read the papers or blog, or do any of the domestic or charity things that needed done. A Very Important Football Match was on, so dozing on the sofa in front of whatever wasn’t going to happen either.


Bloggy Buddies, I have belatedly discovered Pinterest. That’s what I did yesterday. I saw pretty pictures, worthy infographics I might read sometime, and amusing/ motivating/ inspiring/ I wish I’d said that quotations. I pinned them on boards for me to come back to. Apparently, you can look at them too.

flannery o'connor

Now, there’s some of Pinterest I haven’t figured out- you know I still struggle with WordPress at times, and I have no idea about Instagram- but I’m all enthused right now. I’ve only ‘repinned’ so far. I haven’t managed to ‘pin’ something original to the site. I may never do that.

rare disease jeans

I’m a visual sort. I may love Pinterest.

sketchy westie

Until the brain fog means I forget all about it again.


19 thoughts on “just looking at the pictures

  1. I agree with Flannery O’Connor. I find that as well. Writing clarifies the thoughts I didn’t realise I had. Oh, so I agree with Flannery O’Connor. Who knew?

  2. The commenter above, Doris Mason, said it well. I know you want to be living, doing, thinking, being…. it is painful having to stop…. but resting is the request from your brain right now. Its battery is on fumes and clouding things…

    I cry in grief when I notice how sparse my days are with activity… or because I got excited when the TV people put The Cisco Kid back on…. goes to the core of my grief….

    I too recently discovered Pinterest. …

    Fiona, get yourself a special paper-place to note these discoveries–that small booklet can be your auxiliary brain. It can live on a bulletin board so at least the booklet is in sight….

    Then you may pull it down one day just to roam through and see what you had discovered…. don’t have to spend time or hope trying to remember…. (since I’ve been playing with paint, I made a rather colorful booklet for myself!)

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Very best, Laurel

    1. My head was buzzing the other day, so I wrote everything down in a notebook. Luckily, Spurs Fan was able to tell me where I left it, because I’d done such an effective job of clearing my head, I had no idea at all what I’d been thinking about 🙂

  3. Fiona, Pinterest can be quite addictive, and it is perfect for those moments where my brain needs a break. I was on it a lot back when I was finishing my book and could not read at night. If you like looking at pictures of weird architecture, expensive dream clothes and quotes (because that’s pretty much all I pin), then please follow me.

    1. Yes, miss. I was actually lecturing yesterday!! First year medical students have now heard of PSP and some other rare diseases. Then I came home and slept for 12 hours…

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