each and every blade of grass

While one of us feel a bit like a vegetable these days, another is investigating all the vegetation. Every single bit.

Now the calendar and the weather seem to have reached a vague agreement on Spring, Jake’s enthusiastic sniffing has taken on new vigour. It’s not just soft greeny brown stuff- it’s grass. In different shapes and sizes. There are weeds. Everything is smelling. Everything is growing. There is even, oh joy, cut grass.

And all of it needs to be examined in some detail.

Especially the daffodils. The beautiful daffodils. Sorry, daffodils.


Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Step about. Sniffing some more, and squashing.

Wee. Another bit.

Wipe feet, throwing mud all over the daffodils.

Exhausted, over stimulated, we return home for a sleep.

Busy times.

image from here


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