on being an heiress

A cheque arrived, made out in the wrong name.

Half of my mother’s estate, all tuppence ha’penny of it.

I’d rather have my mum.

Being an heiress stinks.


17 thoughts on “on being an heiress

  1. I don’t know, from over here your inheritance seems rather vast and valuable. Put aside two pence none the richer, it would seem to know you is to know your mother -but your right, to you it would still stink.

    1. I have been lucky, Hudson, with my parents and family. Maybe that’s why it stinks so much?
      I was amazed to be annoyed at another reminder that she’s dead.

      1. Okay you got me ……’Amazed to be annoyed’, is perfectly acceptable and astonishing insightful -we expect it but excepting will always be hard. After all I suppose these are the feelings bequeathed us as beneficiary. Thankfully the feelings rise to the surface, a least you express them an not bottle them up like am guilty of at times.

        If I may, a little story……When a storm at sea passes an island or coastline, the waves comber and the rollers crash the shoreline. However, the next day or even days later the waves intensify with greater ferociousness then the day of the storm. I have heard this referred to as ‘dry rage’. If is naturally occurring, then it only seems likely we all will have ‘dry rage’ in our personal storms.

  2. It really is an odd feeling. And you’re so right, have your mum any day. Not an easy thing to receive. And worse when the name’s wrong. For me, having the same name (tho’ she didn’t actually use my first name as her given name) as my mum, meant I often got things in the post which were hers but looked as if they were mine. For example NAME (deceased). That was weird.

    But it’s a strange mixture of world moving on-ness, and ‘how can this be real’?

    1. I was cross- as if I needed a reminder that she was dead, or that whatever wee bit of money she’d gathered up went on nursing home fees…
      But it’s just the way of things. Better the cheque arrived on a day I was feeling rubbish anyway, than ruining a perfectly good day!

    1. I’d have hoped to expect the unexpected gut punch by now, but it’s still a gut punch. The ferocity will wane- I wrote this at its height as I was home alone. My bloggy buddies sometimes get to bear the full brunt of my emotions!
      Hugs are always welcome, and returned 🙂

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