playing away

Back in the mists of time, Santa brought a present. Tickets for an event, at some unimaginable future date.

By Saturday afternoon we were ready. The route was printed. We ‘d found a carpark. Our friendly neighbourhood babysitter expanded her repertoire to dog walking duties.

The McSpecs headed south, to Dublin. We drove past the venue, parked where we’d planned. An amble down a busy street, through tourists and shoppers and statues of “random guys” figures of historical and/ or literary note.

A retro American themed diner. Shed loads of food.


Two doors down, the theatre.

TV talent show winners, dancing. Oh, such dancing. Irish dancing never used to be like this.

Footstorm is the original show devised by Prodijig. A time travelling, battle ridden story. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy rescues girl. Good and evil. (We weren’t there for the story.) New music, fantastic lighting. Unlike any feis I was ever at.

My jaw dropped. The hair on my arms stood on end. Familiar steps, at great speed, but way beyond anything I’d seen before. Irish dancing, without the upright form or traditional music associated with ‘Irish’. Story telling, done well. Defying its form.

At one point I was admiring how well choreographed a battle scene was, when I realised I’d forgotten the feet. Their feet were continuing to do incredible things while the story unfolded. As with all experts, they made it look relaxed and easy.

We didn’t get lost. Girls slept on the way back, and I imagined Irish dancing to non traditional tunes by The Jam and Family of the Year as we headed home.

Anything is possible.


12 thoughts on “playing away

  1. I’ve always wondered how they keep their feet going without tripping and falling. I wouldn’t last thirty seconds.

    It looks like you had a great trip, Fiona. I wonder if that American diner place is the same as our Johnny Rockets over here. I’ve never eaten at one. A Johnny Rockets. Now, diners, on the other hand……….I love a good old greasy spoon.

    1. GM, I watch a fair bit of dancing in my role of taxi driver/ doting mother, so even I was saying last night “OH, did you see what she just did??”

    1. I have 2 left feet 🙂 Girl1 and Girl2, sometimes come home with ‘encouragement medals’, so you were either quite good, or needing some encouragement! Maybe you could show us some of your steps? 😉

      1. Definitely in need of encouragement … I remember well the feis at Portrush of all places. And, um, that would be a no on the dance-steps 🙂

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