on being away

Something odd just happened. I haven’t posted in ages. That’s the longest gap ever, and for no particular reason. My head has been too full or too empty. There have been half drafted posts that didn’t make it to a scrap of paper, never mind a screen.

The weekend was glorious over most of the British Isles, apart from that wee bit of cloud and rain in the north west of Ireland. Guess where we were? While many of you discared cardigans and painted toe nails, we put on the thermals, pulled up the hoods, and battled through the wind.

kite fun

For the first time ever, I’d brought ‘work’ with me. I had a talk to prepare- a combination of two I’ve done before, with an intersecting middle bit. That middle five minutes took hours and hours. There was reading and thinking and then cobbling together. Finding a path that made it all seamless, and stopped the audience from dropping off. An audience of policy wonks, young enthusiastic doctors, quality and audit gurus and some elder statesmen of local medicine.

Of course, I wasn’t going to spend all weekend on that. I had a book to read. Two actually. One that was devoured while my eyes drooped, and one that Debra has me coming back to. Two new to me writers that will keep me occupied for some time.

Of course, that talk prep didn’t go away, and I went into full anxiety mode when we came home.  Typing and timing. Will I talk too quickly? Stand up and see if that makes me slow down. Oh! Slides! I’ll need slides… Do we even have powerpoint?

I ended up talking from the podium with 2 screens behind me- my mother looking over my shoulder as I talked about her illness, our learning, and why I keep blathering on.

It’s over. The sun is out. I woke up at lunch time.

There’s another talk to do, funding applications to finish, a ballet exam to shop for, summer tests to revise for, toe nails to paint and kite flying skills to master.

May Bank Holiday

kite fail

And soon we’ll be back to the windswept west, where the dry is an added bonus, and the sun a welcome surprise.


21 thoughts on “on being away

  1. It is good to take a little break, Fiona. But I now wonder whether something bad has happened to regulars when they go silent. I am glad you were enjoying the view. I bet your talk was superb. 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip despite the dreary weather. Who could fail to enjoy jumping up and down on rocks? I’ve usually been up Slieve Donard by May, but the wind and rain and cold has deterred me so far.

  3. I love scrambling over rocks, I think I’d manage it better than flat ground these days. 😉 We had a kite in the back of the car for years, always ready for the opportunity to take flight. Eventually Elly decided it was time to pass it on to the younger generation.

    1. The Donegal wind was too much for the kite. Spurs Fan spent ages untangling the long pretty tail from everything else. The girls had great fun anyway

    1. I hadn’t even planned a blogging break, but we have no internet access when away, so I need to be organised in advance (ha!), or drafting posts when I’m there. This time I was distracted by fiction and the need to be creative myself- the latter takes a lot out of me!

  4. So sad you missed our summer, maybe next year you will get to lie in the sun. We are back in winter now, so in future take snow boots etc., and be prepared.

  5. This all makes perfect sense. City mice take time to escape. to feel the wind, to become country mice if only for awhile. Fly a kite, climb a rock, the simple pleasure of just enjoying ‘being’ and being together. Work on that which is important to one and for the betterment of life for others. Trip out on a good read. AND to do so in such a place as this, the world must stop spinning when your there. I think Speccy and clan have become Children of the Wind. There is something about the wind. It flushes the system, it makes us lighter on the feet. Wind rejuvenation with a good shake of salt. I enjoyed the images, foreground and backgrounds. Ah to plant oneself on a rock an just stay put till the head is clear -it takes me a good week to clear.

    [audio src="http://www.beyondplumcreek.com/tunes/song6.mp3" /]

  6. I don’t find it too hard to understand your need to take breaks, whether intentional or not. You have so much of yourself pouring out in talks and discussions and advocacy around REAL things that need your attention. Just don’t disappear on us. 🙂 I’d miss you very much. Sometimes just popping in with a word or two about what you’re doing is enough, because some of us have started to invest emotional energy into wishing you well in what you’re doing. I’m thrilled you’ve found Annie Lamott! I am eager for you to read “Traveling Mercies.” When you can…let me know if you pick it up and I’m going to read it again at the same time. We may need to talk. LOL! oxo

    1. Oh, I couldn’t possibly disappear! Blogging has become so much more important to me than I could have imagined; I have all these friends that I actually care about- I didn’t really expect that. I will, of course, let you know when I get to Travelling Mercies!

  7. I love the pictures of your beaches! They always make me long for the beaches in the Big City on the Big Lake. I haven’t had a chance to go down to the shore since last summer, but nothing recharges like a few hours wandering the shores, even when the weather is bad.

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