the launch

We’re getting good at this culture thing, L and I. Since she’s retired and I’m hanging about waiting to be employable again, we’re trying to engage our brains with the outside world. We both have other things to do and lives to lead, so this drive to ‘culture’ is a good move- things we may be mildly curious about but not motivated enough to do on our own, we’re now doing. Book readings, music events, plays; each of us enjoying more of the city life than previously.

On Thursday, I dragged myself out of bed after lunchtime. After coffee, I texted L to let her know I was both upright and washed. The show was on.

There was a boat.

A new publishing house.

A collection of short stories.

There was a cello, fairy lights, wine and masses of food. Many, many people.

I wasn’t familiar with Bernie McGill’s work, but our friendly local librarian had tried to encourage me to participate in a creative writing workshop Bernie held recently. I demurred, anxious, fearful of setting myself up to be something somehow grander than a plodding personal blogger.

I’ll go the next time.

Sleepwalkers Bernie McGill

Bernie read one of her stories, “The Bells Were Ringing Out”, and I was hooked.

That. That’s what I want to be able to do. I want my mind to be able to paint pictures, to send your minds off on spirals of thought, emotion and wonder.

Now I just need to work on developing an imagination.


13 thoughts on “the launch

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll make a note. I don’t think you’ll have any problem with the imagination part somehow. Have you ever looked at Julia’s 100 Word Challenges for Grown Ups? I can give you a link. I seldom join in these days, but I do sometimes use her prompts to get me started. And if the girls want to try it, there is the for under 16s.
    Your painting pictures image reminded me again of the wonderful a Phoebe Hesketh poem, Paintbox.

    1. Thanks for the links, Isobel- I’ve now followed Julia’s blog, so just need to get brave 🙂 The Hesketh poem is very apt, as the story Bernie read has sounds and emotions presenting as colur and texture. Great stuff.

  2. Long long long time ago, I sat not more than a metre away from Michael Ondaatje as he read various short stories for 90 minutes. Such a experience sticks with you, lambently latent, but burning none the less. till one day, even decades later for me, things just ignite…..write for yourself, write what matters to you, and don’t take advise from dim wits like me -you’ll have a blast.

  3. I have always said there is a book in you, and have told you so start, the rest can follow, once you know the plot. Comedy maybe to begin,

  4. I would have loved to go to the launch. And yes you can – do the book thing. And I still think a Bernie workshop is a perfect match for you.

  5. I think we all have very active imaginations from an early age. It’s probably not a question of developing it so much as just giving it free rein and letting it go wherever it wants.

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