down to the river to play

It’s not far from the town, his shady fishing spot.  He’d been using it since he was a boy; now there were townies showing up with picnic bags. And children. Who brought weans fishing? It’s not as if they learn anything.

Fishing isn’t childminding. It’s not for wee girls to be playing at. They’re all chat and giggles and hairstyles and imagination. They have big dreams, big mouths and ridiculous colourful wellies. They see shapes in the clouds and necklaces in the greenery. They bring toys and leave emptiness.

He missed his grandchildren. The city is too far away.


This is my first attempt at Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown ups; thanks for the push, Isobel. The picture comes from Mari’s World.

Title inspiration, humour, beautiful music and gorgeous George


27 thoughts on “down to the river to play

    1. Andra, I’m just so chuffed it worked! I like the 100 words idea- not enough to be overwhelming, but enough to make me think about how I was writing, rather than my normal mind dump 🙂 Little steps.

    1. Very much, Isobel. I’d thought I might just keep my early attempts locked away until I got brave, but I knew that day wouldn’t come, so my burst of enthusiasm led me to post it. I can’t guarantee I’ll post every week, but I’m aiming to try!

  1. When I gave my baby girl the list of available summer camps, she chose fishing of all things. Now, I’m not of the opinion that fishing is just for boys, and she can scab her knees and examine dead bugs with the best of them. But fishing?!?! So bizarre. I’ll have to get her some gloves or something. And disinfectant. *shudders* (Lovely story, speccy.) 🙂

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