when it’s cold and grey

…find the colour!

Ormeau park

new wellies

westie in den


10 thoughts on “when it’s cold and grey

  1. I keep cheering myself up by looking at the cherry blossom tree in our front garden. And the blue and yellow butterflies on our new mugs.

    1. Aren’t they fab? I wanted the spots for myself, but they’re too narrow in the calf. I need to stick to my dumpy leg dull navy wellies

  2. The boots are my favourite too. When I was little boots were black – or that green called ‘green welly’. When my kids were little we had advanced and could get red, sometimes blue, but all one colour. I just love the dots and flowers, beat the wet and the cold hollow.

    1. I couldn’t walk past them in the shop. Luckily, the girls did actually need new wellies- they insist on growing and it’s far too cold still for proper paddling!

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