smiling all week

Often I am woken by Jake barking at a bird, the merest whiff of an intruder in his garden, or an animal on television.

Sometimes, Spurs Fan has to remind me that I really do need to get up soon, because I need to be somewhere, and be both dressed and coherent. Much time is needed.

Regularly, I am woken by one or other girl on her way to school. She starts right into conversation, feeling that all the noise generated by the household over the last 90 minutes ought to have been enough to waken the dead, and that I’m only resting my eyes. No gentle hugs or feathery kisses; straight to business. “Bye.” “Is my bus fare in your purse?” “You need to sign this.” “Where are my trainers?” My little ones still hold out hope that I will know the answers.

This week, in an unlikely turn of events, one of these abrupt wakenings has been making me smile every time I think of it. Girl2 woke me with the announcement, “I really like rolling.”


image from pinterest


17 thoughts on “smiling all week

    1. Those minds are doing too much thinking! She meant rolling along the floor, as part of a dance or for the sheer fun of it.
      Oh, Now I want to go and roll down a grassy hill 🙂

  1. My girl is a vampire. I open the blinds and chirp “good morning, princess!” and she responds with “oh, GOD,the SUN!!!” It really shouldn’t make me laugh, but…. >:-}

      1. We do! Beginning at around 6am and streaming in through our windows at optimal retina-searing height until around 9:30. My daughter now keeps a pair of sunglasses beside her pillow. =D

    1. It’s just so perfect- this is what’s happening in my world, I’m going to tell you about it and you just have to wake up and catch up!

  2. Very nice! And thank you for keeping me current. You are responsible for why I knew about the One Direction boys much earlier than most people my age, and I think I will make “rolling” a word I use from time to time, too! 🙂

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