the boys did woodwork

It was Tuesday.

She hated Tuesdays. And Thursdays.

She hated being a girl.

Instead of inspiration, creativity and a skill, she had this.

Years of dashed hopes and failure.

Her friends knitted and sewed, chatting and laughing. She, cack handed, could never make the needles do what she wanted. God loves a trier though, and she tried. The others knitted scarves and trendy 70s handbags. The teacher, keen for her to achieve, called her tangly mess ‘a bookmark’, and the notglove had a button added and became ‘a purse’.

knitting needles

She still hates sewing elastic on dance shoes. Fail.

Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups …the points were sharp….



8 thoughts on “the boys did woodwork

  1. No worries, I can’t knit either; with yarn or words. You definitely knit well with words. Good shtufffs.

  2. Yes, why force girls to do knitting and sewing if they’re obviously no good at it and not interested? It’s just sadistic and pointless. Funnily enough, when I was at school I was hopeless at woodwork. I might would have been better at knitting and crochet but I wasn’t given any option either….

  3. Were we in the same class? At school, the only thing I could knit were HOLES! Those holes were supposed to be garter or stocking stitch. Sewing samples were no different. My efforts were sent home for my mother to see. What the teacher didn’t know was that mammy had no interest in the world of the needle – unless it was to count them – so she would tell me my work was beautiful!

    I was well finished school before I discovered ‘my’ way to knit crochet or sew.

    Will I bring my sewing box on Friday??

  4. Boring old needlework, and a Sindy scarf full of holes. Think that I was probably the biggest disaster in the class when it came to knitting. I knew my tables but could not negotiate my way around two knitting needles – when you are a child that is a failure. I know that I still do not sew a button on properly – someone saw me trying and finished it. So the moral of the story is let someone else do it. Think: I am not a knitter, I am not a sewer – how can you be a failure at something you are not? Hope that makes sense.

  5. Used to knit loads & i’m not remotely creative but woodwork would have been so much more useful…or car maintenance…or how to hang pictures….

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