my mistake

It’s not the dress that’s the problem.

The dress is completely fine. It’s fitted at the top, has a full skirt and even has sleeves. All the things I require.

stripey dress 1

Dresses are easy, comfy, one step to respectability.

This dress has those stripes that are summery, and that I never wear, so it’s actually a brave dress for me. I can make it worky with the navy blazer, or everyday with the denim.

stripey dress 2

I’m happy with the dress.

The mistake is that I wore it, in late May, with bare legs. For 15 minutes only, but still, I’m old enough to know better. Jake’s wee legs were moving faster than normal as I hurried him to make up for my optimism. Layers were returned to their rightful places.

It seems I live right next door to a wind tunnel. The term ‘wind chill’ was probably coined by someone living near the river in south Belfast.

dress from Dickins and Jones


14 thoughts on “my mistake

  1. Glad I am not the only one to feel the cold. Going by the long term forecast… Thursday 30th looks like the best bet with a promise of a sunny 17°C, but…. do not throw away the hanger! 😦

    1. I hope the blue of your legs didn’t clash with the lovely outfit? I bought a Monsoon maxi the other day (will I ever get a chance to wear it????) Maybe I can wear leggings underneath.

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