Oh! A weekend theme from Sidey! Hurrah! (what are a few days between friends?)

Bloggy buddies, you know me too well. The way my brain has been recently, ‘handles’ can only mean one thing.

A new search term on pinterest. A world of things I’d never imagined.

How could anyone resist these?

spoon handles

Hand handles, however, seem a little creepy.

creepy handles

Go visit- you’ll find more handles- on cutlery, made of rope, and odd shapes, than you’d have thought possible.

Angel, anyone?

angel handle

You are right, of course.

Given my ‘progress’ at weight watchers, there’s only one sort of handle I should be interested in…

love handles

One day, I’m sure.

Also: no pics of my own handles; unbelievably, I do have some limits as to what I share…


15 thoughts on “handles

  1. Hi Fiona , Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday dear Fiona and your love handles too πŸ™‚ SORRY doll couldn’t resist that – you look FAB , I need your advice asap. Looking forward to meeting up and sharing love handle removal secrets .xxx

  2. I love the teaspoon handles – complete with little figures! And I love the flying angel. I agree with you though, the hands are a little disturbing….

    Love handles? What love handles?

  3. I love the spoon handles. In the past I have seen spoons with the handles curled up to make fancy coat hooks. Now I wonder if I could do that with my old spoons….

  4. They’re just great! I love the angel! I feel an urge to change out some of my just so-so traditional knobs and handles and get a bit more artsy and creative. I just love Pinterest! πŸ™‚

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