at last

Some of you have been calling round here for ages now.

You may remember a decision. A target was set. A seemingly unrealistic, totally bonkers, good for a laugh type target. The start of  a long process- one step forward, two back. I discovered that, once there had been initial success, motivation was lacking. And anyway, that target meant nothing. I can’t take much exercise. I like wine too much. I’m easily led astray.

Despite the pizza, wine and crisps, I discovered the joy of needing smaller clothes, and being able to buy garments in a previously impossible size. I persevered.

Many months later, and 42 lbs less, I reached the target today.

I did a little dance on the scales.

There is only one problem- I have to stick with it. That 42 lbs could be rediscovered very easily.


40 thoughts on “at last

  1. Your are right to be a little cautious – all too easy to change back again. That doesn’t take away the huge well done. XXX now means kisses.

    1. I have 3 peas (taped together) in my purse. The WW leader gave us them once, to represent Plan, Prepare and Persevere- the last has been the only one I’ve been able to do!

  2. Congratulations! It’s wonderful to achieve a goal in life whatever it may be, confidence and happiness aplenty!

    1. Isobel, with a bit of self discipline I’d have done it in half the time! I just kept on going to the class and chatting, and some of it sunk in, very slowly. Of course, next week I could have put weight on again!

    1. Emma! I’m glad you’re still around 🙂
      I am well pleased today, but it’s an ongoing process. I started WW when my size 16 clothes were so stretched I was going to need 18. For the first time in my life, I’m now able to buy a 10. That’s shocking and a little unreal. Waaay beyond where I ever thought I’d get to. Now, I just have to stick with it….eek!

  3. Well done!!!!!! You are only a shadow of your former self. That is some achievement, only problem is you could put some back on next Tuesday.(Hopefully)

    1. IE, having Jake has helped a lot. He’s made me get up and go for a walk even when it’s taken me most of the day to get mobile at all. A young dog would have been a nightmare though!

  4. I don’t want to just say congratulations for losing so much weight, that sounds sooooo sexist and size-ist. But what I will say is, Fiona, congratulations on setting yourself a major goal that was important to you – and achieving it!

    1. In truth Nick, it’s probably only since Christmas that I thought it might even be possible, eventually. There have been times I was ready to give up, but I just kept on going to the classes, and getting the support. I’ve learned a lot!

    1. It took a very long time to consider the target as vaguely realistic, and another long time to finally make it. They tell me the hard work starts here…

    1. I hope so Kate. I’ve learned the value of lttle steps, just keeping going, and group motivation. I may need to keep going to WW for ever (free once I’ve been at target for 4 weeks- the hard bit!) just to keep the inner heffalump at bay 🙂

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