the little pot of wonder

I’m not an adventurer. When i find something that works for me I stick with it. I’m likely to have the same garment in various colours or sizes; it’ll do. Most of my shoes come from one or two places only- they’re comfy, I can walk in them, grand. Variety may be a bit scary, and, worse, would invove thinking. I’m a loyal customer because I can’t be bothered with the effort of the new.

However, “can’t be bothered” is not why we have multiple pots of Liz Earle’s  Superbalm (known to us as magic balm) in our house.


Yes, it is a balm.

Yes, it is magic.

We are never without some; upstairs, downstairs and in my lady’s handbag.

It does everything you’d want to sooth the edges of the daily battering the body takes from life- roughness, chapped lips, minor burns, flaky nails, dodgy cuticles. It can evn do a little frizz calming. Magic, I tell you.

We all need a little magic in our lives.

(see also cleanser, skin tint in bare)

No, this post is not sponsored in any way; I’m just evangelical.


14 thoughts on “the little pot of wonder

  1. I was given some Liz Earle stuff for my birthday and I like it very much. I haven’t checked its green/ animal testing credentials yet, but if it stands up, I shall be investing in more.

    1. Once I had a pot of forehead freeze cream (its real name is lost to time) which I quite liked, but nobody ever noticed. It was too expensive for the school run, and I didn’t have enough else going on to make it worth while.
      Do let me know if you find something!

  2. Again, I have been living under a rock. I have never heard of this and now have to go investigate. Everybody needs a pot of wonder 🙂
    BTW speaking of sticking to something that works, for 20 years I have been wearing Issey Miyake perfume. I suppose it’s my “signature scent.”
    Well, the other day, lured by a very nice sales person at Saks Fifth Avenue (where I cannot afford to shop but they do carry Touche Eclat, which, you know, is definitely magic) I broke with tradition and bought Acqua di Gioia. I’m a new woman.

    1. What a brave step, Yvonne! I wore Clavin Klein’s Truth until they discontinued it… I may well be settling on Liz Earle’s 15 as my replacement 🙂

  3. You might find a pot or two in mine as well as other Liz Earle items including cleanse and polish,it works on my old skin too .Natural products!!!!!!! for natural us.

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