shocks, sun, and Sam

Ireland is possibly the only place in the world that I can expose skin on a beach and not be an object of ridicule, or of sheer amazement. Normally I’m on the beach with many layers, a hat, scarf and wellies.

This weekend was different. At no point did I wear sleeves. Not even in the late evening in our little ice box oven on the hill. I was adding sunscreen instead of sweatshirts.

In the daytime, I was not the only person with translucent blue white skin braving the sea in Donegal. Without a wetsuit.

It was extraordinary. A catamaran was moored off the beach. In Fintra; not Florida.

catamaran, Fintra, Donegal

We spent two days absorbing the sights, sounds and smells. Holding on to the heat. Capturing all the views.

beach chairs, Fintra, Donegal

The gentle, steady rumble and whoosh of the sea.

Giggles and squeals.

fun with a body board, Donegal

Warm sand. Teeny fish. A hot dog.

hot dog, Donegal

As for Sam, well, we happened across Ireland’s most famous sporting trophy, the Sam Maguire Cup as we drove to the beach. Donegal are the current champions, and all of the county clubs get the trophy at some point. For a small donation, passing strangers and Englishmen get to ooh and aaah and comment on its beauty and weight.

Sam Maguire Cup

A weekend full of surprises and smiles.

Sidey’s weekend theme: happiness


23 thoughts on “shocks, sun, and Sam

  1. I take it like me you are unfashionably pale? To paraphrase Billy Connelly, I am pale blue in the winter, it takes a good summer to turn white.
    Glad you enjoyed the sunshine.

    1. Billy has it right, as ever!
      I’m normally the one on the beach with sleeves and long shorts. Maybe a polo neck. Anything else requires gallons of factor 50, and there’ll be wee inch somewhere that got missed- and so burned.

  2. An ex-pat American friend, formerly from Florida, lives in Co Mayo and recently posted a photo of her tanned arm against her Irish husband’s white arm. I have never seen anything so white! Even in Alaska, where we used to say we had the tan of a Beluga whale (which are butt-white)!! Holy cow. Hope you didn’t get sunburned!

    1. The ‘swimming costume only’ moment was brief. I burn easily and don’t tan, so it’s never worth the effort of hours of applying sunscreen to inaccessible places. Masses of sunscreen, long clothes and maybe a hat is how I survive the unexpected sun 🙂

  3. The pics are beautiful. I read hot dog and thought that was your lunch until I scrolled down to see a white dog; and when I saw the pic of the cup all I could think was “Wine anyone?”. Hope that does not make me a bad person. Glad you had a great time in the sun, on the sand and in the sea. Something has gone horribly wrong with the weather today although personally I am in hiding on the really hot days x

    1. That cup is based on a chalice- wine would be entirely appropriate!
      Some people can stay on the beach all day, but- even tho I never want to leave- I can’t do that. I need to find the shade!

    1. Sam was just sitting in the middle of the road in Killybegs. I hadn’t even noticed by the time SpursFan had screeched to a halt and abandoned the car, with the keys in. Somebody could have stolen Jake while we were posing!
      I’d never seen the cup before, and it’s rather fab. Is it too late for me to take up gaelic football?

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