found wanting?

The circus is coming. The top attractions, the magicians, the clowns. A veritable army of scene setters, story tellers and sidekicks.

They are not the ones keeping him up at night.

It’s the unknowns. In this place there are the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns.

There will be thousands of people converging on the small town, many complaining about the circus. There will be thousands of police, marine units and the sort of security check points his parents remember.

A giant fence.

Will all that be enough?


Will it be enough to make him miss the final exam?



Inspired by all the local goings on, and Julia’s 100 Word Challenge …when the judgement came it…


12 thoughts on “found wanting?

    1. I’m not sure that G8 meetings do anything other than reinforce the status quo, but I hope chaos is brief, peaceful protest allowed and that exams get completed.

  1. Behave yourself. Your not a radical, are you? I hate to see Speccy’s image on World New being hauled in cuffs…..maybe that black and white stripe number might come in handy after all.

    1. ha! The last time I was unexpectedly on national news my outfit prompted much hilarity. I’m staying well clear. I don’t have the energy to be radical 😦

  2. My condolences on the invasion – 🙂 I for one, hope no summit, Olympics, etc., ever occur where I live – there’s a reason I live in the boondocks! LOL

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