ramblings from a vague mind

I had plans for today, but as so often, the ‘meh’ won.

I always underestimate how much the dance competitions take out of me- the sitting, the noise, the boredom, the polite- and the events come in twos (different age groups), approx 6 hours at a time. The rest of the week is a bit of a flop after that.

found at:http://themetapicture.com/im-a-true-survivor/
found at:http://themetapicture.com/im-a-true-survivor/

The G8 circus has been and gone. They were supposed to be tackling world hunger and the war in Syria. Dave tweeted the dinner menu, because he’s crass like that. They came up with a Lough Erne Declaration and signed it, which means they take it really seriously. Or something. The very heavy security took good care of the handful of protestors- taking snaps and bringing coffee to the handful of tents in the ‘village’. Ah, sure aren’t we all great. Be glad my mind is fogged; there’s a rant in there somewhere, by the time I work it out the moment will have passed and you’ll have been spared.

At the weekend, we saw pictures of a woman being assaulted in public by her husband. They are both high profile figures. He is a very wealthy art collector; she is a food writer and tv chef. Their fame makes the incident fodder for media gossip. “She should…” “She must…” “She needs to…” He accepted a police caution to make the matter go away. Despite that, nowhere have I seen or heard “He should/ must/needs to…” Good old victim blaming and misogyny- they haven’t gone away you know.

I will need to be alert and awake and full of beans on Friday, however- I have to pretend to be a grown up and wave a smiley farewell to Girl1 as she heads off to the Gaeltacht for 12 days of fun and games hard work and speaking only Irish.

Coherent thoughts will return as soon as possible.

Stop laughing.


17 thoughts on “ramblings from a vague mind

    1. Elspeth, you can produce a thesis on how groups function in a post and I can hardly muster the clarity of thought to tell people to stop bullying Nigella Lawson! Coherence must come in many forms 🙂
      I hope you’re enjoying Edinburgh again. If one has to leave BI ever, Edinburgh is a good place to have as ‘home’.

  1. Can I say those pictures look uncannily like drawings by Allie (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk/). Her blog is amazing.

    The G8 summit itself was a bit of an anti-climax. Nobody was totally committed to anything despite a lot of high-flown guff. And Barack Obama’s Belfast speech was surprisingly lack-lustre and half-hearted. However, hopefully a lot of people will realise Northern Ireland is well worth visiting.

    Good luck to Girl1 and her 12 days’ immersion in Irish!

  2. it’s impossible to be confident that you’re being quite clear and coherent when the brain fog is the filter through which you peer at a day….

    For me, I did too much *thinking* yesterday and had a meltdown. Really?! WTF?!

    I misread your first few words as “the G8 ‘citrus'”! I wonder if I changed the meaning…. ?? >:-D


      1. hahaha–though I usually cry when I confront my painful thinking…. yes, I’m recovering more quickly these days… didn’t think I’d live long enough to be able to say/see that, so brutal have these months been.

        Your post about pacing helped me immensely, gave me a structure to my mess, something to *do* for myself. Thank you.

  3. Omigod she CANNOT BE THAT AGE already!!! Girl1 going to the Gaeltacht???? What next, babies as astronauts??? Say it ain’t so???

    As for the Lough Erne debacle (I’m sorry Dave taking an early morning swim in it? Surely they would have to filter the water after that. Zebra mussels are a patch on that invasion), as Eamonn McCann said (not someone I find myself much in agreement with, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day, as they say), take comfort in the fact that the protesters had the sense to stay away. All that money for security and guess who’s left with egg on their face. Real protest is always more unpredictable and innovative than that. cf: Ankara ….

  4. In our day, Dawnriser, people didn’t go to the Gaeltacht until a few years later. Now they have these shorter courses for younger ones/ beginners. I’m sure the priciples of fun and carry on and testing boundaries still apply…
    And the speaking Irish of course!

  5. Fiona, sometimes all we can do is wait until we can. You do so much with your life, I get breathless just reading about it. Hope the girls’ competition went well. Have a good rest. And when you’re ready for that rant, may I join you?

  6. You are more clearheaded in your fog of mind than most people I know! Don’t sell yourself short! 🙂 Having girls growing up so quickly is enough to muddle anyone’s thinking, Fiona. Hang on… oxo

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