It’s been more than a week. Girl1 has been enjoying herself in the west- we’ve heard of ceilis, discos, quizzes. We’ve seen pics of giggling and games on beaches, and posing on country roads. Also, eyeliner. She claims to be speaking quite a bit of Irish- the point of the exercise. She’ll be home soon, and then we head off to Nana and Grandad- such gadding about.

But tomorrow? Oh, my bones are calling out for tomorrow.  The beauty of the Gaeltacht, the soggy skies, will be as naught. Tomorrow we go to visit.

June 2013

I will try very hard not to do an impression of an octopus, wrapping her in all my limbs and holding on tight.


How does WordPress not know that I struggle with change? I may need training in the new behind the scenes screens.


5 thoughts on “changes

    1. That day I happened across a baffling dashboard screen and wasn’t at all sure the post would even be saved, never mind published! I haven’t found that screen since, but when I do you’ll be my first call!

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