the danger of changing your routine…

We’re not meant to be rigid in our routines. It’s good to be flexible, open to new ideas, unpredictable. Who wants to be set in their ways when they could be adventurous, exciting, creative?

Grannymar’s post about hideyholes  led to great discussions about house security. That reminded me of The Great Mystery (otherwise known as The Great Security Lapse or The Day Spurs Fan Nearly Had Heart Failure). Yes, of course, it was my fault. It seems I rely on routine and the smallest shift, the slightest tweak, can have potentially serious consequences.

Let me take you back in time… 10 years ago, around the time of Girl1′s second birthday, I had recently returned to full time work. Girl2 was 4 months old and still transportable in a carry about car seat. Getting out in the morning was an event. I’d be up and washed, lenses in, face on, before Spurs Fan left. Then there’d be breakfast, nappy changes, screaming and tantrums (insert own joke here) before Girl2 would be strapped in her wee seat and, feeling safe, I’d run up and get dressed. Downstairs, Girl1 out to car, back for work bags, Girl2, lock door, go.

One day I decided that I could get both girls into the car at the same time, and off I drove, happy and contented that I’d eliminated a step from the morning’s rushing. A success indeed for about 8.30 am. Go me.

When I got home about 5.30pm, Spurs Fan was somewhere between bemused and frantic. He’d come home to find the front door wide open and naturally assumed there was a break in or some sort of disturbance. I imagine him tiptoeing around, practising the moves from tv crime shows. He went into all the rooms and the attic. Everything was where it was supposed to be. The baddies had obviously decided we had nothing worth stealing. They hadn’t wrecked the place either- considerate baddies. He found nothing, not even a stray cat. There was nothing to suggest why the front door was wide open. There was only one remaining possibility, and even she wouldn’t be that through other, would she?

Ahem, er, em, yep, she would. Oops. Remember that step I’d eliminated from the rushing? Yes, I’d put Girl2 in the car and then, as usual, as per the normal routine, driven off. I hadn’t gone back to even close the front door, never mind lock it. I left the front door wide open all day. Not in a small town in 1950, but in 2003 Belfast. Dozens of people had walked past. Many more had driven past. Nothing was taken, harmed or disturbed. Mind you, I’ve been careful not to do it again; we’d never be that lucky twice.

So, actually, I’m ok with routines…

This sorry tale was originally posted in May 2011. Spurs Fan is still checking all the doors.


15 thoughts on “the danger of changing your routine…

  1. I’m always leaving my keys in the front door. Nothing’s ever happened. I think they might have come in, had a look around, gone ‘Nah, nothing worth taking here’ and gone away again.

  2. I’ve left the front door unlocked a few times – a whole day on one occasion – and nothing untoward has occurred. Belfast is remarkably safe. If it had been Islington in London , where we used to live, we’d have been burgled for sure.

  3. I was relieved to discover no child was left behind! 🙂 But poor Spurs Fan! I can relate a little bit. My husband does things like this entirely too often. And I am prone to jumping to conclusions, expecting the worst. It’s a deadly combination. I do find my routines fairly comforting. I get in trouble, though, every time I rush about!

  4. It is one of the things I just can’t get used to on Block Island – everyone just leaves their house unlocked, and cars, etc. The Fed-ex delivery guy just drives up and leaves stuff inside the door etc. Me, London and Edinburgh trained, I lock up. Glad your story is the funny kind.

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