an Irish family abroad

We don’t really think of the south of England as ‘abroad’, but it is. We were ill prepared for what we found.

We normally holiday in Donegal, well wrapped up in the wild. Our 2 weeks in England coincided with a heat wave, unknown for years. We had no need for the wellies, the thermals or the hot water bottle.

Regular applications of Factor 50, and sitting in the shade, meant that the pale and interesting look survived. The blue tinge may have faded, but we were far from the hardy brown of the natives.

My great moseying round London plans faded away. I left off a sunhat (Tesco best wide brimmed ridiculous looking thing) one day and nearly passed out. I thought I was going to be ill, right there in the splendid weirdness that is Glastonbury. I couldn’t get past the thought of melting, like the lipstick and the roads.

somewhere, anywhere in Glastonbury
somewhere, anywhere in Glastonbury

The great joy of the holiday was spending time with Nana, Grandad, Auntie Ann, Uncle Bungle, Adventurous Auntie, The Brother, Arty Lady, Lightning McQueen and Little Miss Hundred Miles An Hour.

the family hair options are white or bald...
the family hair options are white or bald…

Essex and Somerset, family and fun.


16 thoughts on “an Irish family abroad

  1. I developed freckles. Millions of freckles in places I have not seen freckles for years. Suddenly last week my ankles returned to normal and my hands & feet are cold once more.

  2. Once shared a hot tub with a small group, on the back of a ship, during a snow storm heading for Alaska, before anyone said a word I pondered aloud, “you must be from Ireland”. I was right.

    Great picture, one to hold close and to clutch proudly.

  3. What a wonderful photo, and I’m sure time with family was worth the heat wave…but perhaps the timing could have been better. I’ve been in heat where I, too, though perhaps I would melt. I’d like to go abroad! Haven’t done that in a very long time. 🙂

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