of picnics, Persuasion and petrified wood

I’d gathered that Lyme Regis was a pretty place. It crops up in literature and film, in the Sunday supplements, and in tales of new year’s day. Still, somehow, my jaw dropped.

found at: http://www.lymeregis.org/tour/photos/latest/
found at: http://www.lymeregis.org/tour/photos/latest/

A bright sunshiny summer day- apparently these are not uncommon in the south of England- prehistoric scenery, fossils at our feet. A promenade. Fabulous houses (one was for sale, but I couldn’t persuade Spurs Fan). deck chairs and parasols. Many varieties of ice cream. So very civilised. An odd mix of the rugged and the cosmopolitan.

I’ve never seen real live actual beach huts before. Naturally, I want one. It would be remarkably out of place in Donegal. I tried very hard (and failed) not to stare in each as we passed. Books and beds, coffee machines and champagne coolers side by side with bikes and wetsuits. Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater abound. I wanted a clipboard and an ID badge and to ask all the questions. An alien, yet appealing, version of the seaside experience.

beach huts, Lyme Regis, Dorset

Uncle Bungle took Girl1 and I to explore. We passed the cottages named for the two sea captains from Austen’s Persuasion. A winding, busy street, probably straight from a television programme about Very English Englishness. There were shops…

When we returned to our group picnic spot- a comfy bit of wide wall at the edge of the sand, near the ice cream stand- the group had left. We’d been too long exploring the pretty instead of the pebbles.

We found them fossil hunting among the stones. Just how old is 190 Million years? Unimaginable. Discoveries of crystal.  Wetness, and a wind blown dander along the Cobb. We avoided the infamous steps. Jake kept being drawn to the crab catchers by the lure of fishy goodness, but got pulled away on his new, locally made rope lead. A manly lead, we concurred. In any case a vast improvement on the girly scarf we’d been using initially, since the normal lead was safely hung up in the holiday house.

Family fun and chaos. A day out at the seaside, unlike any I’d ever had. I ‘m looking forward to the next time.


18 thoughts on “of picnics, Persuasion and petrified wood

    1. It is beautiful, an only an hour or so from the Uncle’s (v narrow wee roads) I hope to be back, and maybe then I’ll temper my reactions 🙂

  1. Great day had by all, by the sounds of it, Fiona! A lovely post. Did you round off the day by dressing up in great dramatic cloak and standing on the harbour wall gazing soulfully out to sea?

  2. I can’t believe the prices some desirable beach huts change hands for – tens of thousands of pounds. Some people must be desperate for their personal little refuge on the beach.

    Never been to Lyme Regis, but it does look rather charming. I imagine a sort of time warp with cream teas, brass bands and fish and chips.

    1. Tens of thousands?!? Wow. I didn’t think they’d be cheap, but that’s a lot- especially since I’d half expected them to not really exist after about 1952!

  3. Ah, Jane Austen’s Lyme, how fascinating! But, which captains? Wentworth certainly, I presume, but was the other Harville or Benwick? Inquiring Jane Austen fans want to know.

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