wild and wonderful

Rain pounding on tin all night. All morning. Normal summer service returns.

Rumours of a dry afternoon took us to the further beach.

Where there was sunshine and surf. Waves and all the wetness.

Rossnowlagh, August 13

A barking westie and screaming girls.


Sandy wetsuits. Sandy car. Sandy everything.

I love it.


10 thoughts on “wild and wonderful

  1. Ah, summers of long days and warm skies are hard to beat. Bliss.
    I met a woman today who is trying to raise awareness of Behรงet’s disease. I gave her the address of your blog as she too is trying to get more people to be aware of rare diseases.
    You see what a difference you have made!

    1. Thanks Isobel- a real mental block for people is that they think ‘rare’ means ‘not enough to matter’, but using EU figures the amount of people affected by a rare disease in NI is roughly the size of the population of Derry. Suddenly ‘not enough to matter’ doesn’t apply!

  2. Family, caravan, board games, and the beach – quality time together. Your children are going to have so many wonderful memories of these times.

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