a favourite

When this comes on the radio, a middle aged woman in a grey city downs tools/ lifts hands from the keyboard and sings along like the teenager she once was. Swaying might also happen.

When she’s seen him perform this live, her eyes have welled up. Not as much as she welled up a few weeks ago when she wasn’t well enough to use her long held ticket to see him locally. (Spurs Fan kindly downplayed how fabulous the show was.)


19 thoughts on “a favourite

  1. Bruce would say, “I want to guard your dreams and visions”. Tom Waits would tell ya, “You really got to hold on”. Who you going to believe. The troubadour in tight jeans or the poet in wearing a stupid hat.

  2. I hope you also grab a handy microphone (mop handle, spatula) to sing into.
    So sorry you missed the concert. I saw him in Cardiff and he was … oh, all right you know.

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