sure, I’m grand

I took my tales of woe, my melodrama and my muddled head along to the GP.

I cried, and scared the student.

GP listened and nodded and asked. He let me burble and drip and snuffle. He handed me the whole box of tissues.

And then he told me I was normal. Oh, the relief! He highlighted all the positives. My ability to be engaged and enthused and interested (severely lacking at that point, but I’dΒ mentioned being Tigger at the Summer School) told him all he needed to know about my underlying mood. Despite the messy make up, and anxiety at feeling so rubbish, I’m as healthy as ever.


The blip is just that. A dip. A reaction. Frustrating. it will happen.

It may happen more often if my energy doesn’t keep up with my ambition.

Watch out world for more grumbling.

Probably from all the folk in the GP waiting room- by the time I left, it was standing room only in there.

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* for the overseas reader, ‘grand’, in Ireland, is generally used as ‘fine’, ‘ok’, ‘acceptable’, ‘nothing worth getting too excited about’ etc


17 thoughts on “sure, I’m grand

  1. Oh Fiona,Fiona, you do put yourself down. You have a debilitating disease, try to remember next time you volunteer. Rest up and sure you will be grand

    1. I spend a lot of energy looking for the positive, spotting pretty flowers and enjoying the moment… but when there is no energy, it’s a different story.
      You’re not getting rid of me just yet πŸ™‚

  2. I reckon you look and act really cool and professional; you are not seeing yourself as others do. but I know you are battling illness amidst it all. And I have never been told by a GP that I am normal either; your post put it in my mind to ask but on second thoughts I don’t think I will.

  3. That student will have to get used to people crying and burbling and snuffling. It must happen very often. And yes, despite everything, you seem to me to function pretty well!

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