Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Bloggy buddies, many of you also read Tinman’s blog, Worth Doing Badly.

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Worth Doing Badly

Tinman’s weekly attempt at the WordPress Photo Challenge….


He looked over the side. It really was a long way down.

He shuddered, and huddled down deeper in the  nest.

“You’ll love it,” said his Mum. “It’s the most fun ever. Watch this.”

She plummeted out over the side, and his heart plummeted as he watched her. She arrowed down, down, then soared, scorching an almost visible U in the sky as she swept back to land gently beside him.

“I don’t know,” he said doubtfully. “Can’t I just walk around?”

“You’re a bird,” said his Mum. “We don’t walk.”

“Ostriches do,” he said desperately.

“Ostriches. Seriously? You’re picking as a role model a creature who sticks his entire head into sand. Can you imagine the state his nostrils must be in? He must sneeze cement-balls.”

“I still think I might be an ostrich. Perhaps I’m adopted.”

“You aren’t,” she…

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