on moving to the dark side

Stylish people of the whole wide world, I have a confession.

Somewhere this summer, possibly in Somerset, a switch flicked in my head.

I have long been a wearer of comfortable shoes. I don’t do proper heels and have a dodgy foot, so I find a brand of comfy shoes and stick with it. That’s not to say I don’t have lots of shoes that have been experiments, or that may get worn again eventually, once, but generally I’m not a shoe person.

Even so, I have always resisted the lure of brightly coloured plastic ‘shoes’. Why would I want to look like I have clown shoes on my feet? My legs are stumpy enough, those things would only emphasise that. How can I pretend to have long, lean legs if there areΒ bigΒ bright blobs drawing attention to where they end?

During the heat of July, Girl2 struggled with her footwear. Everything cut or rubbed her bare feet. I found an unexpected solution in the ugly plastic things. No more moans, cuts or blisters. Her feet are the same size as mine; I discovered the comfort.

A little niggle started in the back of my mind. Caravan. Beaches. Walking. Where nobody could see me.

Yes, yes I did.


Feel free to scoff. I’m in Donegal and can’t hear you.


33 thoughts on “on moving to the dark side

  1. whatever turns your crank and keeps your hounds from howling at the end of day is what should be on your feet, so revel in your ‘own free will’ …………..so if your a Done-gal why are we commenting? Hope your having fun and shtufffs.

    1. You knew I would come back to the internet and to you all…
      Everyone is going back to school soon, so we’ll not get away so much. By then I’ll be back to paddling in the wellies πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting that plastic shoes cured all the problems caused by the other shoes! And I don’t think they look at all ugly, I think they’re very stylish. Personally I’m lucky, I never have problems with shoes, my feet must be amazingly flexible!

  3. I know you can’t hear me & you don’t care because your feet are comfortable but I am scoffing πŸ™‚
    I love shoes. Especially pointy toes and kitten heels and the kind that have led to blisters, bunions, bleeding. Shoes – my drug of choice.

    1. Yvonne, that level of shoe commitment is beyond me. However, the crocs won’t be seen apart from Donegal visits. I’m pretty sure. Really, not my style. I don’t think πŸ˜‰

  4. When it comes to comfort… feet are the most important. I have yet to join the club with yourself and Barbara. Like Girl2, I struggle with naked feet in any shoes and worry about my tootsies being like slabs of ice. I have been warned not to let my feet get cold.

    1. How stylish do you need to be, Kate? There appears to be a whole world of crocs dedicated to not looking too much like crocs. I’m afraid to look too closely

  5. You have got to see what I wear! For many years I suffered from corns and spent a fortune on pedicurists. I then discovered shoes that were not stylish but comfortable and the problem disappeared. My shoes look like frogs.

  6. I have two pairs. One has been savaged by my former washing machine. They ruin you for most other shoes. Except Fitflop lace ups which are heaven. But they are deadly, in the literal sense, on wet roads in towns.
    But my new love is a pair of Keen’s; ugly as sin as comfortable as paradise…

  7. now you will understand why I don’t often wear proper shoes as you call them, and why I don’t have corns or bunons at my ripe old age. Mind you I don’t have a pair of crocs!!!!!!!!!

  8. From someone who refuses to allow any type of fashion get in the way of her feet I promise never to laugh at your crocs. Once did a Sandi Shaw down Royal Avenue, round the shops and all the way home over a pair of flat shoes that had began cutting into my heels.

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