on going back to school

Why, you may ask, why on earth would Spurs Fan be happy to be going back to work? After a summer of some warmth, some sunshine, plenty of August showers and caravan fun, and many weeks spent in the company of his beloved, why, why, would he be glad to get away?

how can he drag himself away?
how can he drag himself away?


Some households spread the bits and bobs of household jobs throughout the year. Not us. With football and dancing and coaching and taxiing and homework and school work, our jobs all get lumped together during the summer holidays.

Painting the front wall,

all the window sills,

the back fence,

Girl 2’s bedroom,

the dining room.

Clearing out the garage,

and the roof space.

Getting on first name terms with the men at the recycling centre.

Moving furniture and all the stuff (who had the clever idea of buying a proper, heavy table some years ago? It’s heavy!) for the new carpet in the dining room, stairs and landing.

Moving and sorting and packing for the painter to deal with the kitchen (including units), bathroom, hall stairs and landing, and Girl1’s room.

Trailing round bed shops to trial a new mattress.

Losing the will to get up off a mattress and keep on going to the next job.

It’s no wonder the man went skipping out the door this morning at 7.30- he’s glad to escape.

Happy new school year, teacher buddies. I’ll send you the kiddies as soon as I can.


6 thoughts on “on going back to school

  1. Goodness, Fiona, I feel exhausted just reading all that! I know what you mean about moving furniture etc for carpet-fitters and decorators. It’s a pain and a half.

    1. It seemed the whole house was upside down for weeks on end as the chaos moved round and round. Most places we could leave the big bits in the middle of the room- that table is never coming out again 🙂
      I just hope the uncluttered feel lasts

  2. Bless him for the work he does–at home and at school! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, Fiona. It seems to me you fit a lot into one short season, and I didn’t even know about all the household chores! I hope when everyone is out “doing school” you’ll spend more time writing! 🙂

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