the Going To School Mantra

Girl2 pottered off to school this morning, to start her last year in primary school. My not so little one has grown up so much, she doesn’t even cry now when we tease her. She looks after people, thinks creatively, practises the things she wants to learn (we have a beach load of sand from cartwheel training), worries, and giggles.

As Girl1, Jake and I lined up for hugs and goodbyes, the girls started to recite the Going To School Mantra they’ve been hearing for years, and so enjoyed telling to me when I was at the summer school: ‘be good; be kind, work hard, have fun, love you lots’.

Today I added in another phrase. Two small heads swivelled and laughed. Jake didn’t notice.

‘Don’t forget to be awesome.’

dont forget to be awesome

It’s entirely possible that I’m spending too much time on Pinterest.


12 thoughts on “the Going To School Mantra

  1. This is wonderful! I’m going to take your lead and spread this word wherever I can. When I have the rare occasion of seeing Sophia or Karina off to school I always say, “You have only one job today…have fun!” Now that they’re getting older, this probably isn’t the best message for a school day. 🙂 But awesomeness is always going to be the perfect disposition! Thank you, Fiona!

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